The Acapodcast #9, 5.18.06

Welcome to Show #9 of the Acapodcast! I’ve got a bunch of new groups coming to the show, and some of them are in this episode, along with some old favorites. Here’s who is on this show:

•Harmonytryx, a group of self-proclaimed delicious divas from the NY/NJ area, singing “His Mother’s Legacy” off of their 2003 CD, Fine Whine
•Hi Fidelity, who were on the last show, but are back again because they are this year’s Harmony Sweepstakes Champions! They took Audience Favorite with the Addams Family routine, so here are the guys singing “They Go Wild/Why Do They Always Say No?”, found on Almost Live
•THEM from Tulane, with an excellent rendition of the old classic “Ain’t No Sunshine
•The Blanks, also known as Ted’s Band from the Hit TV Show, Scrubs! This is a quirky cover of the opening song from the show, “Superman”. This is from their recent CD, Riding The Wave. Fame hasn’t gone to their heads… they still reply to e-mail themsleves.
•Sean Altman with a song called “I’m Waiting” from Seandemonium. He recently gave an interview over at Earvolution worth reading.
•Harmonytryx once more, with a cover of an October Project song “Sunday Morning, Yellow Sky“.

Thanks to all of you who have sent comments, suggestions, music, donations, good will, and new listeners my way. Art doesn’t exist in a vacuum, so thanks for tuning in!

-Chad Bergeron
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