The Acapodcast #13, 8.3.06

Hey, who says the number thirteen is unlucky? Not me! I’ve got great new music on this episode, so how can that be unlucky? In addition to the great music, I introduce a logo competition complete with a prize, talk about the (unfortunate) need to reduce the frequency of the show (ok, it’s a little unlucky), Kid Beyond, and a few other things.

This show was also recorded in real time with a new piece of software called Ubercaster. I recommend it for any Mac user putting together their own podcast.

On the show this time:

  • Six Appeal – Hella Good. They’ve recently announced the parting of ways, so cherish what they put out while they were together. You may have seen them under the short lived name of Playback.
  • Slapdash Graduate – Come Home. Matt Wrobel of Six Appeal’s new group, they are due to appear soon on Star Tomorrow, so watch the show and be sure to vote for them!
  • Brandeis’ Spur of the Moment – Wish I Was There. Another group that is no longer around, this was the former group of Jake Bush, who later went on to be a member of Six Appeal (sensing a theme?). This was _the_ coed group at Brandeis for many years.
  • HarmonytryxHomeless. This is an A Cappella cover of an A Cappella original. How cool is that?
  • UCLA ScatterTones – Since U Been Gone. A super cover of what in my mind is one of the shining examples of the female pop tune. It’s as though a country ballad song gave birth to a suburban teenager.
  • Six Appeal – Toxic. I’m not a real fan of the recent trend towards blond female sex idol bubblegum pop, but oddly enough, I am a fan of this song, originally by Britney Spears, and especially this cover of it. Go figure. You can hear some more excellent covers of it over at Coverville.

Thanks for listening, and I’ll be back in a few weeks!

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4 thoughts on “The Acapodcast #13, 8.3.06

  1. Joel

    Hi Chad!

    I love the show! My one problem is with the volume differences between you talking and the music. I find myself having to push my speakers all the way to the top volume and strain to hear when you’re speaking, and quickly bring the volume way down as soon as a song starts. Not sure what the issue is there, maybe you’re just not sitting close enough to the mic or something. (is there a “normalize volume” function in the software or something?)

    Other than that, I’m loving it! Keep it up! =)

  2. Joel

    Depends what you mean by “most recent episode.”

    Fixed in ep. 12, still seems to be a problem in ep. 13. =(

  3. Matt Wrobel

    Hi Chad!

    Thanks for playing a few tunes that I’ve been involved with on this episode! Just wanted to point out the misspelling of my last name…only one ‘e’ in Wrobel.

    Also, I’m currently leaving Slapdash Graduate, but for a good reason…they’re getting TOO BIG and I can no longer balance them with my other career. So to all the basses out there, audition for this group! They’re really ambitious, and they’re gonna be going places very soon.

    I am still singing (and spitting) with Firedrill! who you’ve featured on the ‘cast in the past! Watch out for our soon to be announced upcoming Boston shows!

    Thanks again and keep up the great work!

    -Matt Wrobel

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