Last day to download Help! for free!

I’ve been spreading the word by Twitter, Facebook, and in person, but in case you’ve missed out on any of those, let me repeat it here…

Today is the last day to get a free download of Overboard’s latest album Help! which is an all Beatles album. Not only is this awesome a cappella, and awesome source material, but Overboard puts their own stamp on these tracks, bringing some fresh new sounds to these classic and well loved songs, but without such a radical departure that it loses what made the originals so great.

So go to and get your copy!

Hmm. Looks like it’s time to put together a Beatles show…

2 thoughts on “Last day to download Help! for free!

  1. Dave

    I know… too little…. too late. Somehow I missed this post and just now saw it. I listened to the samples on their site and love the sound. Is there anywhere this can still be downloaded?

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