Acapodcast #51

Miss me?  I missed me too.  Here’s a plateful of warm a cappella for your late autumn nights.  For those of you in the US celebrating Thanksgiving this coming week, try not to gorge yourselves.

As a reminder, I’m searching for new material for the annual holiday show, so if you’ve got something you’d like to submit, get in touch with me.

Click here to listen to show #51!

3 thoughts on “Acapodcast #51

  1. Alexandre

    Great episode! But why say that the Nylons used to have a drum machine? They still do, no past tense 😉

  2. Chad Bergeron

    Good point Alexandre, they do! But they’ve also done some work with some excellent beatboxers and vocal percussionists lately, so maybe it’s only a matter of time before they recruit one full time? What I really meant by my statements is that before there was the art of vocal percussion as we know it, the Nylons found a way to integrate the percussion they needed. Van Canto is doing the same thing for their needs, but maybe vocal percussion will grow to do what they need too!

  3. Andy

    I’d argue that like the Nylons, a lot of the ‘a cappella’ greats have dabbled in some sort of instrumental backing (Take 6, The Persuasions, etc.). My opinion is that as long as the vocals are still strong, it’s good. Admittedly I prefer the vocals-only approach but still enjoy all my old Nylons music (I still prefer “Up the Ladder” with vox & tamb. only).

    Mark me in the “yes, please” column for more Van Canto. They have a unique and compelling sound and I’d like to hear more. Plus, it looks like it’s hard to get their stuff here in North America.

    (Alexandre! What’s up?)

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