Acapodcast #49

The Dissipated Eight from Middlebury are one of the older groups around (over 50 years young), and are one of the many bright jewels of all-male a cappella in the New England region.  They’re bookending this show with a pair of Dave Matthew Band covers.  Both show off one of the D8’s greatest strengths: clean arrangements that aren’t overcomplicated, but also aren’t bland or simplistic.  Not a lot of reliance on block chords or parallel octaves.  And on Two Step, take a listen at those fabulous high notes sprinkled on top!  If that’s not enough, go check out ‘Windmills’ on the BOCA 2000 album.

And let’s not forget the boatload of great music from the other groups as well!  Here’s what’s in the show:

Route 66 and An Octave Above can both be seen at next weekend’s Acappellafest 2008, along with Vocal Chaos, elmoTHUMM, and Scott Leonard of Rockapella fame.  If you are anywhere near there, you owe it to yourself to go check out this great show.

Just a reminder to the listeners; if you like what you hear, leave a comment in the iTunes Podcast Directory!  The more favorable reviews I get, the more likely others are to find the show in their searches, and that helps us all out.

Take a listen to Show #49!

3 thoughts on “Acapodcast #49

  1. moonrzn

    I can’t seem to email you directly, but here goes…

    I’m a big fan of the Acapodcast for awhile now (since episodes in the 20s), and today I was excited to introduce someone else to the podcast.

    I’ve been working a gig at a high school outside of Hartford, CT along with one of our dealer reps. We got to talking about a cappella music (and I thought “Awesome, finally!”), and I mentioned the Acapodcast featuring Chad Bergeron.

    Lo and behold, our rep not only knew of one Chad Bergeron, but had went to high school with him. So Chad, Joe Gates says hello, and is now a fan of the show.


    ~Derek Moon
    Syracuse, NY

  2. Jadah Clayton

    Hey Chad, great job with your Podcast! (I don’t know where else to post recomendations for new groups, so…) I would love for you to include something from the University of Wisconsin – Madison a cappella group Redefined. They are really great. Two of my favorite songs from them were recorded for their 2006 CD. The first is Mr. Brightside with Liam Ball on lead. I have never heard such a unique solo style taken with the song, he owns it and it is beautiful. I know Mr. Brightside is done a lot, however, if you take the time to listen to the Redefined version, it will be time well spent.

    A second song from the group I love is St. Theresa (orig. Joan Osbourn) with Rachel Scheide on lead. Her voice is beautiful, especially on this song. I hope to hear something from Redefined on your podcast, they always produce quality work.

    Here are links to sound clips for both Mr. Brightside and St. Theresa courtesy of their website. Both off of the 2006 CD “Sunday Scheme”

    Mr. Brightside:

    St. Theresa:


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