6 thoughts on “Acapodcast #42, 1.24.08

  1. Chase

    As always, Chad, thanks for the podcast!

    However, I was slightly disappointed that you didn’t mention Jonathan Coulton’s history as a Yale Whiffenpoof … the a cappella train comes full circle.

  2. Chad Bergeron

    I didn’t know! Shame on me. Scant research bears out your statements. Hmm. He soloed on Midnight Train to Georgia? I’ve got the Whiffs version of that on CD, but I’ll bet it’s from a different year. Still, maybe I’ll see about putting that on the show…

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  4. Anton

    I’m usually the one that sits quietly in the back enjoying the music with his headphones on. But I just had to say thanks so much for playing all these great songs. I thought the entire show was fantastic. Thanks for introducing me to Duwende.

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