Acapodcast #40, 11.21.07

After the last episode, I got so much feedback asking for more, more, more!  So here it is, another eight tracks of well known, often done, classic, or common a cappella tunes!  Put your ears on this:

Thanks again to those who wrote in, those who donated, and all of you for listening.  Send suggestions for the winter holiday show!  Oh, and here’s where you can find those Basix arrangements!

2 thoughts on “Acapodcast #40, 11.21.07

  1. Jacob

    This is not directly related to show 40, but there isn’t really a “General Comments” area.

    I just discovered that The Richter Scales (who were featured in show 25) are behind one of the latest “viral videos” becoming popular on the Internet! It is called “Here Comes Another Bubble,” and you can watch it here:

    I liked their song “I Hate A Cappella,” and this one is a pretty amusing parody.

    Bonus: I had actually already been looking for The Richter Scales and was having trouble finding a convenient way to purchase their music… well, they are now on iTunes!

    You can also buy DRM-free MP3s of their songs through CDBaby, although you have to buy the full album. More info:

    I promise I do not work for the Richter Scales and am not affiliated with them in any way (other than liking them). 🙂

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