Acapodcast #39, 10.31.07

Halloween is a scary time! And these songs are like scary zombies, you just can’t kill them! They keep coming back out of the grave to eat your brain!

Listen to Episode 39, and if you’re still alive in the morning, let me know what you think in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “Acapodcast #39, 10.31.07

  1. Aaron

    Loved it.
    I think it would be fascinating to do a show of all one song, say fix you or something like that that’s been done a lot, just to hear them side by side.

  2. Vivien

    Good episode! I guess those songs are overdone cause people love them so much. I enjoyed it. More!!

  3. Jacob

    Woohoo! Thanks for mentioning me on the show, Chad!

    Just for the record, I did remember that Africa was already played on the show once – I just didn’t think a list of overdone a cappella could possibly be complete without it. 🙂

    I recently lost my job, but I’m seriously hoping/planning to make a donation to the show when things settle down again.

  4. Mike R.

    Probably my favorite episode. I’ve been listening since around Episode 20, and this one just has so many good songs.

    I am not a singer, but A Cappella music has some of the best sounds to ever cross my ears.

    Personally, it is these contemporary songs that I like most about A Cappella; while you avid singers may not enjoy them as much as your original music, it is the fact that I recognize music of today and hear the instrumentation of the human voice that make it most enjoyable.

    Don’t be so quick to assume “everyone” has heard these songs Mr. Bergeron. Some of us want to hear these pop hits done by excellent voices, and I hope you will continue to put at least one in every episode.

  5. Robert Fischer

    I really liked this episode in general — it’s fun to hear the songs, because they are so popular and fun. That’s why they’re overdone, I guess.

    The “In Your Eyes” and “Kiss from a Rose” covers were a bit weak, but those songs are *SO HARD* to do, because the vocals have become so ingrained into our collective head, so any missed note or inflection stands out a lot.

    BTW, have you checked out the Cedar Lake 7?

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