Acapodcast #38, 10.18.07

Good communication is the key to so many things, no? We all know this, but a reminder every now and again is a good thing. You can communicate with me by sending me e-mail, posting a comment on any episode, by filling out the contact form on the left, or any other crazy method you like, so long as it is received. Today’s show features song titles about reaching out and touching someone…

In a few short weeks it will be Halloween, and the scariest a cappella I can think of is yet another cover that every group out there has already done. There’s a lot of them out there, but I want you to communicate with me and tell me what some of the most overdone songs are in the a cappella world.

2 thoughts on “Acapodcast #38, 10.18.07

  1. Jacob

    Songs that have been overdone…

    “Africa” (originally by Toto, I think) – this one has been overdone to the point that even jokes about its overdone-ness are getting overdone.

    “She Blinded Me With Science” – There are too many a cappella remakes of this Thomas Dolby tune, although I actually really like the ones by Toxic Audio and the Coats.

    “Stand By Me” – Sing far away from me!

    “Rosanna” – Meet you NONE of the way!

    “My Girl” – No sarcastic quip here – PLEASE just shut up. 🙂

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