Acapodcast #35, 8.18.07

Back on track and moving ahead with full steam, I have a tasty helping of hot a cappella here for you, from some well established groups and some up and coming artists. These groups all have one thing in common: they’re soon to be performing at an a cappella festival. T Minus 5 and Navi Redd will be at A Cappellastock, in Ogden, Utah, and Vocal Chaos, ElmoThumm, and Almost Recess will be at AcappellaFest, in Schaumberg, Illinois. This just confirms my suspicions that the midwest is the new hotbed of a cappella music. Here’s what’s on show #35:

Congratulations to Matt Dunn for winning the episode #33 contest; Matt, be sure to e-mail me. To everyone, thanks for listening, and after a short vacation I’ll be back in September with the back to school special!


3 thoughts on “Acapodcast #35, 8.18.07

  1. Mr. Tim


    I don’t think Utah counts as ‘Midwest’… unless you think of ‘everything between New York and California’ as ‘Midwest.’

    Out here in the West, we all think that everything East of the Mizzipi is one big state. Added all together you’re ’bout the size of one of us REAL states, anyway.

  2. Chad Bergeron

    Mr. Tim,
    I do tend to think of anything west of Tennessee and east of Nevada as the ‘Midwest’. I suppose we all suffer from some regionalism. Maybe we should start using the term ‘Mideast’ to compensate.

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