Acapodcast #31, 6.21.07

Whew! Time flies by when you have deadlines, doesn’t it? Two weeks can just slip by sometimes. Good thing for you I’m on top of things, and have a new episode ready to go.


Here’s what you’ll find in this episode of the Acapodcast:


I break format a little bit here and play a No Strings Attached two song power pack, but these two songs (Baby Love and This Love) have so much in common, I felt they had to go together. Not only do they share the word ‘Love’ in their titles, but they both have a real funky groove to them.


And as a note, if everyone subscribed to the show using iTunes would be so kind as to unsubscribe briefly and resubscribe using the updated link up over there on the right… yeah, that’d be great.

If you can’t wait to subscribe and have to listen to Episode #31 as soon as possible, click on the play button below!

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