Acapodcast #10, 6.08.06

It’s a super-sized spectacular! And not the kind that comes from a drive through and helps you gain weight….

This show is nearly an hour long… it took me a little longer than usual to put it together; here’s the list of tracks played on the show:

I’d like to hear back from everyone on what you thought of the two new segments as well. — Thanks.
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6 thoughts on “Acapodcast #10, 6.08.06

  1. AmbivalentPlayer

    I definitely love this podcast! I’ve only listened to about the first half of it, but I already am thoroughly enjoying all the nice a cappella music! Also, you’ve got a rather smooth voice there, Chris. Maybe you should demonstrate a little a cappella yourself? I mean you must have already been listening to A LOT of this music if you’re willing to put out a podcast so I was thinking it’d be really cool if you would perhaps play some clips that would either help those of us who want to maybe try our hands at a little recreational a cappella.


  2. Adriana

    I was just listening to the podcast while I did my groceries. It’s a good thing nobody else was in the aisle because I was grinning like a fool. Thanks, Chad, for playing my request!

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  4. Chuck May

    Chad – just listening to #5 (catching up on iTunes), been a fan since ‘Round Midnight was on your show earlier. You mentioned two radio stations that play a capella, and I’d like to add a third – Village Radio in Montclair, NJ, at & They’re nicknamed “The Harmony Network,” and specialize in a capella & barbershop, with live shows every night.

    (Also a quick plug – I direct the Dapper Dans of Harmony, in Montclair, NJ – if you live in the area & want some singing experiences, look us up!)

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