Acapodast #24, 3.15.07

In this episode, I talk about my introduction to contemporary acappella, St. Patrick’s Day, and the East Coast Acappella Summit, which you should ALL be going to, right?? I’ll be there, and you should be there to come say hi to me. I think I’ll hold a contest. If you come up to me at ECAS and mention this contest, I’ll put your name into a drawing for a free piece of Acapodcast logowear from the Acapodcast Cafepress Store!

In between all my yammering, you’ll also hear great tunes by:

Click here to listen to Acapodcast #24!

1 thought on “Acapodast #24, 3.15.07

  1. Andrew

    Yes, that was Seth Z. I’ll tell ya, though. It took about 30 takes to get that solo right.

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