Acapodcast #11, 06.22.2006

It’s an International Episode! I get a lot of submissions from great groups outside of the boundaries of the U.S., so I’ve put some of them together for you in this episode. We have:

  • Mauf, made up of fii, leech, and verena (Those are the names they give by e-mail and on the CD). They’re singing a song called House of Love, which is also the name of their demo CD. If the Demo sounds this good, I can’t wait to see what they come up with next! fii tells me they have recently been entered in the Vokal Total competition too. That’s great news!
  • Alti e Bassi with a cover of Staying Alive! They’re from Milan, Italy, and are very snazzy dressers.
  • Navi Redd (pronounced Navy Red) from South Africa, singing a fantastic version of Common People. Navi Redd has done something that warms my heart: they’ve made several tracks available online at the Podsafe Music Network for podcasters to freely use and play.
  • I talk a little bit about Toxic Audio’s eponymous release which I recently picked up.
  • The Flying Pickets, from England, although one of their members is from Italy. Not only are they internationally known, they’re also internationally formed! Here they sing Do It from their 2005 CD Everyday.
  • Alti e Bassi (The Ups and the Downs) again, singing Con Il Nastro Rosa, from their album MEDLEY.
  • A little word about, and their new podcast.
  • Mauf, once more, singing Freedom

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  1. Chad Bergeron

    Links are up and in place now. Thanks for the patience. My network connection has been bouncing up and down all week, so it made digging up and posting the links more work than usual. Enjoy the show!

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