Acapodcast #36, 09.13.07

It’s been too long. I’m sorry, my friends. Times have been tough on me, with a lot of my life turning itself on its ear. I’ve celebrated a birthday, I’m going through the transition to a new job, and worst of all, I’m mourning the breakup with my own vocal group. That said, shame on me for making you all wait so long to get some Back To School a cappella goodness! Here’s what’s on the show this time:

So yeah, ending a 3 year relationship with a group is a hard thing to swallow. Send me your favorite a cappella tracks, and remind me of what I fell in love with in the first place!

6 thoughts on “Acapodcast #36, 09.13.07

  1. Chad Bergeron

    Someone else e-mailed me and told me too, but, heh. I definitely know the group, but I didn’t know the individual members in it, so that’s the gap I fell into there. Thanks for listening!

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