Acapodcast #55

Phew!  Got some free time, so I cranked out Show #55 for you all!  This one features all new releases!  Some are by well known groups, others are putting out their first albums.  I gotta say, there’s no wrong albums in this group.  All of them are worth picking up and adding to your collection.  Check out the artists and see what tickles your fancy.

Track Title Artist Album Original Artist
Who Are You
Tufts Beelzebubs Play The Game The Who
Don’t Stop Me Now
Brandeis University Voicemale Suit Up. Queen
Hamburg, Meine Perle No Strings Attached
No Strings Attached Lotto King Karl
On My Way Slapdash Graduate
Not Available on Any Album Yet! Slapdash Graduate (Ian Koff)
Sonny Came Home Too Cheap For Instruments
Syllabolical Shawn Colvin
Tufts Beelzebubs
Play The Game Beck

As I said above, each of these is worth picking up.  What more can I say?  Well, quite a bit.

Starting with Play The Game, it was recently reviewed by the hosts of a new a cappella podcast, Mouth Off! Do check them out, these dudes are -in the -middle- of the a cappella world, and know what they’re talking about.  It’s well worth their time. (And to add to controversy, I agree with them on the topic of Ben Fold’s new album.)  Play The Game took almost 2 years from beginning to end, and the care and time shines through.  It’s an excellent blend of studio talent and student talent.

Suit Up. features a couple of original tracks, something I wish the Bubs would take a stab at.  As much as I love great a cappella covers, I love great a cappella originals at least as much.  Ok guys, which of you posed for the cover?

No Strings Attached…  why no English web site? Apologies to those in the listening audience who don’t speak German but are trying to work your way through the purchase process anyhow.

Superawesomesauce!  On My Way is available as a –free– download from Slapdash Graduate.  You can find that on their web site.  See?  Original tunes carry no restrictions, and make for the best promos.  Go download it now.

Heh, it turnes out TCFI actually did release an earlier album, and Syllabolical is their second release.  The first album seems not to have gotten wide distribution though.  I’ll see about tracking down a copy (I’m such a completist).

Enough of my chatter, you came here to listen to the show, right?  Then what are you waiting for?  Start listening to Show #55 [Play] now!

5 thoughts on “Acapodcast #55

  1. Cameron

    I haven’t had a chance to listen to all of “Suit Up” yet, but judging from “Where’s the Love?” and “Don’t Stop me Now” it must be a good one!

    Thanks for the tip about the “On My Way” download; it sounds great.

  2. Dave Brown

    Thanks for the nod and the link, Chad. Glad to know we’re in good company when it comes to both the Ben Folds review and the Bubs review.

    Keep your great shows comin’!

  3. Paul Russell

    This is one of my favorite episodes yet! You mentioned it was concert season. Can you point us to a good place to find a list of show dates and locations?


    PS: I tried to submit the question via the feedback form, but it appears to be broken.

  4. Chad Bergeron


    I wish I had a comprehensive resource. Many metropolitan areas have Yahoo Groups that you might look for. Check the CASA pages, and the web pages of any local groups, especially the collegiate groups who often hold end of year concerts in May. In the summer time its not uncommon to see semi-pro or pro groups performing at charity events or local venues. Again, those would be listed on their web site. Summer is also a good time to go to some great a cappella music festivals.

    With no single calendar to explore, your best chance is to hear from other a cappella fans in your area, so make some friends over at, and pay attention to the local resources.

    And thanks for the tip on the contact form, that’s been fixed!

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