Even less a consumer, even more a producer…

Just in time for me to start putting this week’s show together…

Last week my iPod died.  I had a 40GB black and white model that I sent back to apple twice for hard drive failures, both times under warrantee.  And now it has gone a third time, but outside of the window of opportunity.  Am I cursed?  It doesn’t directly impact my ability to produce The Acapodcast, so that’ll still be going out as usual, but it does mean I won’t be able to review my work on during my commute.

I wouldn’t normally do this, but I’ve gone ahead and put a PayPal donation button in the sidebar, if anyone would like to donate towards replacing the iPod.  As I’ve stated before, I don’t make money on The Acapodcast.  It actually costs me quite a deal.  Any funds I do receive (less than a dollar a month at this point) I roll right back into the show, to cover hosting fees, or CD purchases, or gear, etc.  So thank you for any generosity you’ve shown, even if it was a kind word by e-mail.  (Especially if it is a kind word…  knowing that what I’m doing is appreciated means more than money)



1 thought on “Even less a consumer, even more a producer…

  1. luc


    Absolutely love your show. Raised on doo wop (yeah, an OLDER listener here) and loving the college groups that you play that I’m sure I wouldn’t hear anywhere else. Many thanks.

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