Are you in the Philly/Wilmington region this weekend?

I’ve just been tipped off to what promises to be one amazing concert this Saturday night at 8pm, in Arden Delaware. It will feature four different groups from four different schools, including:

The Del-Tones from University of Delaware
Off The Beat from University of Pennsylvania
The Deaftones from Westminster Choir College
Tigertones from Princeton University

And even better? The price – only $15, which is what you might expect to pay for just one group’s end-of-semester show.

If anyone goes, send me pictures from the event and I’ll send you an Acapodcast sticker.

More details at

2 thoughts on “Are you in the Philly/Wilmington region this weekend?

  1. Lee

    Sadly, I think you meant “Philadelphia” – not Pittsburgh. Your typo burst my a capella bubble 🙁

    1. Chad Bergeron


      You’re completely correct, and that’s my fault. I used travel to Pittsburgh semi-regularly, and it must be stuck in my head. I’ll go correct the post.

      Look around though, I’m pretty sure CMU has a group or two, and maybe Duquesne as well. U.Pitt is large enough that it might as well. Let me know if any of those schools have groups with winter concerts, and I’ll post them here as well to make amends!

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