The Acapodcast #22, 2.8.07

Another few weeks, another few ICCA Quarterfinals down. Go check out the Results Page to see who is moving up in the competition! Go find out when the next rounds of competition are taking place, and make a litle time in your schedule to go see an a cappella throwdown!

I also talk a bit in this show about the CARA nominees, and the ACA Winners. If you’re unfamiliar with who is hot in the a cappella world right now, these two lists read like a Who’s Who, and will definitely give you some names to check out!

And check out who is on the show this time:

I promised a link to BYU Vocal Point performing Thriller on YouTube in the show, but I’m sad to report that the video has been taken down. So here’s a link to them performing Spiderman! and thanks to John pointing out a fresh link, here it is:

Edit: Warren rightly points out that there is a strong connection in this episode: Firedrill! and Slapdash Graduate can both trace their roots to Hyannis Sound. Not only do four of the six songs share that element, and the fact that some of the members show up on multiple tracks, but both Hyannis Sound albums and the Invisible Men EP were produced by John Clark, and Samrat Chakrabarti (a man I’ve had the inestimable pleasure of meeting on more than one occasion) was the arranger for “Pink, “1000 Miles”, and “Lie On Lie” (No surprise if you know Samrat’s amanzing arranging abilitis, especially for all male voices). That means there are a _lot_ of links across the songs in this episode. How cool is that?

Now go Listen to Show #22!

5 thoughts on “The Acapodcast #22, 2.8.07

  1. JW Richard

    Good show again, Chad, as I’ve been a lurker/listener for a while.

    Loved Hyannis Sound and Invisible Men. You get blue balls points for playing that song. Wow! “It’s kink, but you don’t ever tell her”.

  2. Matt

    FYI, the version I got via iTunes had some issues – it only had the first song and some of your comments and then repeated again, doing this over again for 30 minutes. I”m going to try to d/l this copy and see if its any different.

  3. John

    hey chad! byu vocal point’s video of them performing thriller at the quarterfinals of ICCA at UCB is on the web! i was there also because i performed in the group from Lick-Wilmerding High School in san francisco, The Waves, who won first place for the ICHSA! we’re goin to Seattle for the semis!

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