Congrats to the 2010 ICCA winners!

Mouth Off already spilled the beans on their Twitter feed, but here’s a brief rundown of the results of tonight’s ICCA showdown:

3rd place: UGA Accidentals
2nd place: Berklee Pitch Slapped
1st place: SoCal VoCals

In addition, the VoCals won best choreography (well deserved!), and best solo went to a gentleman from UGA, and best arrangement went to a lady from Pitch Slapped. Apologies that I didn’t catch the names well enough to type up here (I’m typing this from my slightly fuzzy memory before catching the bus back to BOS).

It was a strong showing from all the groups. Every group more than deserved to be there, and every group brought their ‘A game’. Compounding things was the fact that each group had a different style, making comparisons even -more- difficult. I can honestly say I was impressed by every group.

Host group Duwende brought the house down, closing their time on the stage with the same French Rap that brought down SoJam a few years back. And three of the High School groups from the ICHSA finals last night also took the stage and each sang a song. And to paraphrase EmCee Dave Brown (a gentleman and a scholar), it wouldn’t have been a surprise if the judges gave the awards for the evening to the high school groups. There was some serious heat and fire there from Enharmonic Fusion, the Town Criers, and the ICHSA champions, Limited Edition.

All said, a stellar evening, and I wish I’d been able to spend more time at the afterparty. Time to go catch a bus and maybe some sleep….