Acapodcast #58

Back in the saddle again!  Here’s Show #58, with 6 piping hot tracks!

Track Title Artist Album Original Artist
Roses Penny Loafers The Cops Come At Midnight Meg & Dia
8th World Wonder Seven Days Cabin Fever Kimberley Locke
Long is the Dark The Interpreters Be Gentle...
I’ve Got Rhythm / Fascinating Rhythm Clockwork Clockwork George Gershwin
Should I Ball In The House Ball In The House
Memory Penny Loafers The Cops Come At Midnight Sugarcult

I’ve been listening to these tracks over and over lately, and I think they’ll get as stuck in your head as they are in mine…  Congrats to the Penny Loafers for their fourth appearance on the Voices Only compilation!  Speaking of compilation albums, the track list for Sing 6 has just been narrowed down, and will be posted soon, so keep an eye out on the CASA web page!

I didn’t mention it during the show, but the whole Seven Days album is great, and I can’t get enough of the way they thread in U2’s With or Without You.  Very sweet.

Also, I love hearing covers of lesser known or independent artists.  Thanks to the Penny Loafers and Seven Days for introducing me to a few.

P.S. – The new FIOS sure makes uploading the new shows much faster!