Acapodcast #33, 7.19.07

Things are starting to heat up around here, and the pressure is on! Crunchtime is around the corner, so I may take a week or two off down the road, but for now, we’ve got great music! This time on the show you’ll hear:

There’s a nice block of originals in there. If you want to hear more great originals, go tune in to the CASA Originals Podcast, and tell Tim that Chad sent you!

Along those lines, starting today, you can enter into a random drawing to win a copy of Fitchy & Grikko. Here’s how it works:

  1. Get a friend to subscribe to this podcast.
  2. Have them e-mail me (or fill out the contact form on this site), and have them say who referred them (that’s you).
  3. Keep your fingers crossed!

I’ll collect all the names up, and pick one at random. I’ll announce on show #35 who the winner is, and send out the prize.

Are you excited? Eager to hear the show? Then click play to Listen to Show #33!