Acapodcast #29, 5.24.07

It’s cultural awareness week here at the Acapodcast! We’ve got Armenian Folk, South African anthems, Ancient Celtic melodies, and a touch of American Spiritual (with a Chinese flavor). All of these tunes are modern originals or arrangements, inspired by the history and culture of a people.

Zulal is a trio of women from the US, reinventing and reinvigorating Armenian Folk as they get in touch with their ancestral background. Currently they are producing their second CD. They also had the distinction of being named runners-up for the CASA 2007 A Cappella Community Award for Best Folk group.

Navan is also a trio, two ladies and a gentleman from Madison,Wisconsin. Specializing in songs from the celtic cultures, they have three albums out. The most recent, Lowena, is spectacular, and I’ve chosen a celtiberian song from it for this episode.

Navi Redd hails from South Africa, and this all male group brings us a medley inspired by native music. This track was found on the Podsafe Music Network. Thanks guys!

Harmonytryx, a group of vocally endowed women, sings a wide variety of music. I played their cover of October Project’s Sunday Morning Yellow Sky back on Episode #9.

PennYo is also no stranger to The Acapodcast. As UPenn’s only Chinese A Cappella Group, you’d think I’d play a Chinese folk song, but Amazing Grace was originally penned in the 1770’s in England, and has borrowed a number of different tunes from various hymns over the years. A Christian anthem, it gained the most impact in the American South, but with Christianity on the rise amongst the Chinese, it isn’t much of a surprise that this fabulous Mandarin rendition exists.

Here are the tracks from Episode #29 of the Acapodcast:

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