Acapodcast #12, 7.13.06

It’s Episode 12 everyone! For those of you in the U.S., I hope you had a good Independence Day holiday, and for those of you elsewhere, I hope you had a good time too. Episode 12 is a little more subdued and laid back, but still full of great music. Here’s who is featured in this podcast:

  • M-Pact – A few years ago I picked up The Carol Commission, and was blown away. M-pact is coming out with a new CD later in the month, with a release party in the LA area that I encourage people to go to. They sent me a press kit with a few tracks from the new album, including this one, called Have a Talk With God, and I am as impressed as ever.
  • Ball In The House – I’m lucky enough to live in the Boston area, one of the hottest spots in A Cappella, and BITH is one of the stand out acts in even this crowd. Listen to their version of I’ll Be There and dare to disagree.
  • Cadence – Award winners, and one of my favorite Canadian groups. This original of theirs, Sunshine, gets top marks from me.
  • The Penny Loafers – UPenn is a college that every A Cappella fan should know well. The Penny Loafers reinforce why. Perhaps not the best known UPenn group, they still have the chops to play with the big boys. They’ve been on one of the BOCA CDs, and have a sizeable discography to pick from. Dianne sent me a few samples from over the years, and if they keep going at this rate, I see good things in their future. Here they are singing Boulevard of Broken Dreams. What can I say? I’m a sucker for Green Day.
  • APC Rythym – I don’t know what the APC stands for, but they have a wicked logo! Go check out their website (and if anyone knows the artist put them in touch with me… The Acapodcast is hurting for good logo!). Thanks to Jenna, their President and one of the APC Rhythm hotties (Can I say that?) for getting in touch with me and sending me this track of them singing Lifetime. Only about a third of the group seems to be women, so you know they can belt it out with the best of them! APC Rythm works hard and plays hard, and you can tell by their track record and how good they sound.
  • M-Pact – Closing out the show with another track off of M-pact’s new CD, this is a song called I Thought You Cared For Me. The title sums up the feeling of the song, and the meaning of the lyrics, but can’t capture the sweet sweet sound these six guys put out. I’m hoping they make a tour out to the East Coast some time in the near future so I can catch them in a live show.

Speaking of live shows, I’ve had the fortune of being able to see In The Moment and Vox One recently. Vox One was on a multi-year furlough, so it’s great to see them back in the trenches. They’re one of the defining groups in A Cappella Jazz. It’s a good summer; I’m looking forward to seeing Rockapella on August 6th, and Ball In The House on August 19th. I’ll add those to the calendar on the right side of the new website. Tell me what you think of the new layout – there’s a contact form linked on the right there, or you can e-mail me directly at chad(at) That’s it for now, and I’ll be back in a few weeks with more great tracks for you to enjoy!

[Edit: Updated with a rerecorded file. Sorry for the snafus!]

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