Are you in the Philly/Wilmington region this weekend?

I’ve just been tipped off to what promises to be one amazing concert this Saturday night at 8pm, in Arden Delaware. It will feature four different groups from four different schools, including:

The Del-Tones from University of Delaware
Off The Beat from University of Pennsylvania
The Deaftones from Westminster Choir College
Tigertones from Princeton University

And even better? The price – only $15, which is what you might expect to pay for just one group’s end-of-semester show.

If anyone goes, send me pictures from the event and I’ll send you an Acapodcast sticker.

More details at

Acapodcast #59

It seems like almost all of the A Cappella hoi oligoi are off at SoJam, but that doesn’t mean that us plebs can’t enjoy some great tunes!  Press the little ‘Play’ button at the bottom of the post to hear Show #59, or click here to download it!

Track Title Artist Album Original Artist
Waiting For You Clemson Tigeroar

Sing Six

Get Set Clips by VT Juxtaposition and Northwestern Undertones, Track by Hyannis Sound Shirt! Tie! Khaki! Taxiride
Chasing Pavements Liberty Belles of Olentangy Liberty HS in Powell, OH OLHS Adele
Sweet Child o’ Mine Harmonious Soul Harmonious Soul Guns n’ Roses
Love Begins Yale Out Of The Blue Sing Six

I am always being surprised and impressed with the quality of the original tunes that the Collegiate A Cappella world is starting to come up with.  I don’t want to jinx it, but I think we’re on the cusp of a sea change.  There will always be room for the hot covers (and the standards like Get Set will never go away), but we’re going to see more and more originals coming out from groups that are really trying to make a name for themselves and define themselves as a group.  It’s an awesome time to be an A Cappella fan!

Acapodcast #58

Back in the saddle again!  Here’s Show #58, with 6 piping hot tracks!

Track Title Artist Album Original Artist
Roses Penny Loafers The Cops Come At Midnight Meg & Dia
8th World Wonder Seven Days Cabin Fever Kimberley Locke
Long is the Dark The Interpreters Be Gentle...
I’ve Got Rhythm / Fascinating Rhythm Clockwork Clockwork George Gershwin
Should I Ball In The House Ball In The House
Memory Penny Loafers The Cops Come At Midnight Sugarcult

I’ve been listening to these tracks over and over lately, and I think they’ll get as stuck in your head as they are in mine…  Congrats to the Penny Loafers for their fourth appearance on the Voices Only compilation!  Speaking of compilation albums, the track list for Sing 6 has just been narrowed down, and will be posted soon, so keep an eye out on the CASA web page!

I didn’t mention it during the show, but the whole Seven Days album is great, and I can’t get enough of the way they thread in U2’s With or Without You.  Very sweet.

Also, I love hearing covers of lesser known or independent artists.  Thanks to the Penny Loafers and Seven Days for introducing me to a few.

P.S. – The new FIOS sure makes uploading the new shows much faster!

AcappellaFest is coming!

AcappellaFest 09

Pardon me while I crawl out of my bunker for a few moments to tell you about AcappellaFest!  Now in it’s third year, AcappellaFest is the MidWest’s -finest- A Cappella event.  And this year, it’s too big for any one city to contain!  It’ll be in Detroit on October 17th, and in Chicago the following weekend of the 24th.  All the details are available at, but to summarize, it’s all sorts of great groups, special guests, workshops, and contests!  Listen to AcappellaFest Radio Spot and tell me it doesn’t get you excited!  And if that’s not enough, go check out an interview with Jeff Swearingen, one of the executive producers of the festival – great stuff!

Silence is golden, right?

Sorry for the unannounced summer break. Believe it or not, I’ve had a show mostly cooked and ready to record since the end of July,but it is crunch time at work, and on top of that I’m moving to a new town. (Wifey got a job, yay!)

Seems I spend too much time apologizing for being late here, and I feel awful every time, but I suppose I’d feel worse if I didn’t at least let you know what was going on…