Acapodcast #62

Back again! This time with a focus on High School a cappella, and the ICHSA competition.  Three of the four groups below just competed in the New England Semifinal, and the last group will be competing shortly in the Midatlantic Semifinal. See below for more information!

Track Title Artist Album Original Artist
The Lion Sleeps Tonight Town Criers

Stimulus Package

The Tokens, amongst many
I Wish The Jewel Tones Not yet on any CD!

To be Released on April 30th!

Stevie Wonder
Keep Breathing Luminescence Not yet on any CD! Ingrid Michaelson
Miss Independent Luminescence


Kelly Clarkson
Sound of Silence Town Criers

Stimulus Package

Simon and Garfunkel
This Island Earth The 18 Wheelers

A Lesson in Tightropes

The Nylons

Now, after you’ve heard show #62, I want to tell you a few more things.  First, go to the Town Criers facebook page linked to above.  There you’ll find a couple of videos of their competition set.  Fun choreo with the opening number (Lion Sleeps Tonight)!  Second, Amanda Roeder has been doing -awesome- work with the students at Marblehead.  Every time they come out with something new, I’m floored all over again.  There’s a great local article on Amanda and the Marblehead groups at I know I’m heaping a lot of praise on Amanda, but she’s just the directing force, and I want to call out the amazing students she has, with their hard work, energy, and above all, passion and talent. Lastly, I want to once again direct everyone to where you can submit your nominations for this year’s ACAs, including, new this year, an ACA award for best a cappella podcast! *nudge, nudge*

Acapodcast #61

Wow, 2010 already!  Well, 2009 was a banner year for a cappella, with so many incredible albums, so much positive media attention, and it seemed like every time I turned around, somebody was stepping it up to the next level.  I’m going to tell you right now that 2010 is promising more of that.  I can’t say exactly what it will bring, but it promises great things.  In this first show of 2010, you’ll hear:

Track Title Artist Album Original Artist
Let’s Get It Started Tufts Beelzebubs

Shedding (2005)

Black Eyed Peas
What Hurts The Most Six Appeal

Four Play (2009)

Rascal Flatts
Gravity Overboard

Stranded (2007)

John Mayer
Let It Die Tufts Amalgamates

Teaser (2009)

Foo Fighters
In The Back Seat UNC Loreleis

On The Record (2008)

Arcade Fire
My Romance Fifth Avenue Gloria Grafton and Donald Novis

(by way of the Hi Lo’s)

As I mentioned in the show, I was a nominator for this year’s CARA awards (which are for albums released in 2009), and one thing struck me as I was listening: I was pleased to hear the rise in the music genre diversity.  Pop/Rock is an overly broad classification at times, but it was especially true to my ears this year, where I heard Pop, Rock, Y’alternative, Alt-Rock, Grunge, Hick-Hop, Christian Rock, Teutonic style metal, hair bands, ballads, classic rock, New Wave, and a lot more than I would have expected.  It was surprising and pleasant.  Also, it seems like the proliferation of quality engineering and masterful production is shrinking the gap from the mediocre to the supreme.  I had some difficult choices to make this year.  We’ll see the results next week.  In the meantime, go listen to show #61, and let me know what you think of the new website!

I love the Aca Community

The A Cappella comunity is one of the best communities I can think of.  Our shared passion brings people from around the globe into near instant friendships.  Yesterday, it was announced that Boston vocal rock band Ball In The House would be cancelling Saturday’s scheduled show (two days later) because of a sudden and sad death in the family of one of the members.

One day later, it has been announced that Boston’s other outstanding vocal rock band, Five O’clock Shadow, would be stepping up to the plate and covering the gig for them.

That’s just one of the nicest, coolest things I’ve heard in a while.  I’m sad to hear of the death, and I’m sad for those attendees who were looking forward to seeing BitH, but at least they’re still getting a rocking show with FOCS.

I love this community.

Last day to download Help! for free!

I’ve been spreading the word by Twitter, Facebook, and in person, but in case you’ve missed out on any of those, let me repeat it here…

Today is the last day to get a free download of Overboard’s latest album Help! which is an all Beatles album. Not only is this awesome a cappella, and awesome source material, but Overboard puts their own stamp on these tracks, bringing some fresh new sounds to these classic and well loved songs, but without such a radical departure that it loses what made the originals so great.

So go to and get your copy!

Hmm. Looks like it’s time to put together a Beatles show…

Acapodcast #60, 2009 Holiday Special

It’s the most magical time of the year, when for many of us it is the season of snow, of friends and family, of food, gifts, and joy.  This year I’ve compiled 23 tracks to share with you, over an hour of music.  Know that I appreciate each and every listener, and I am pleased to give you the gift of Show #60, filled with what might be the best collection of holiday music I’ve put together yet.  Be well this holiday season, and may it be filled with harmony.  I’ll be back in January to kick off my 5th year of The Acapodcast.

Track Title Artist Album
This Year Eclipse Three Kings
Giving You A Cuddle For Christmas Suade
The Christmas Can-Can Straight No Chaser
What Child Is This Ball In The House
My Christmas Tree Cluster Christmas Present
Noel Nouvelet The King’s Singers Christmas
O Come All Ye Faithful Chanticleer Let It Snow
Let There Be Peace On Earth Tonic Sol-Fa On Top Of The World
A Wish For You The Nylons A Wish For You
The Christians And The Pagans The Metropolitones Mouthing Off
Hold Out For Christmas Rockapella Rockapella Christmas
This Christmas Wake Forest Chi Rho Voices Only 2009
Baby King Tonic Sol-Fa On Top Of The World
Away In A Manger The Nylons A Wish For You
Veni, Veni Emmanuel The King’s Singers Christmas
You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch Straight No Chaser
Deck The Halls Cluster Christmas Present
Christmas Without You Rockapella Rockapella Christmas
Little Drummer Boy Ball In The House
Huron Christmas Carol The Nylons A Wish For You
I’ll Be Home For Christmas Straight No Chaser
Silent Night Chanticleer Let It Snow
White Christmas The Swingle Singers The Story Of Christmas

You can click on any of the album covers to purchase that album (usually an Amazon or iTunes link).

Oh, and here’s Suade’s recent music video for “Giving You A Cuddle For Christmas”.  As much fun to watch as they had making it!