The Acapodcast is back!

After being on hiatus for several months, the Acapodcast is back! We’ve got some new gear, some new groups, and some new setups (like this shiny new URL)! I hope to have some more good news in just a little bit. First, my thanks to Kevin Williams, who started the Acapodcast, and got things going. I was looking to get involved in an A Cappella themed podcast right around the time he started it up, and he graciously let me get my feet wet with him a little bit. He also graciously turned the Acapodcast over to me when in a fit of New Year enthusiasm I decided to revive it. I’d also like to thank the many artists who have appeared on past episodes of the Acapodcast, and to the many groups that have agreed to let me play their music. We’ve got a lot of kick butt music coming your way! If you are a group that would like to be featured in the Acapodcast, please e-mail me at chad (at) And for all you listeners, feedback is always welcome.

-Chad Bergeron