Jerry Lawson and The GrooveBarbers!

Now HERE’S a show that promises to be one to pay attention to!  Jerry Lawson (formerly of The Persuasions) along with Sean Altman (formerly of Rockapella) and the rest of The GrooveBarbers will be together on one stage.  Jerry and Sean are long time friends, and they’ve decided to sing together in the city that gave rise to both of their careers (New York City).  On Saturday, September 19th, at 8pm, they’ll be performing together at The Bitter End Club, where The Persuasions launched their career.  It’s a very small venue, only seating about 150 people, so this is almost guaranteed to be a sold out show.  The Bitter End ( is located at 147 Bleeker Street (of Simon and Garfunkel fame), right in the heart of The Village (New York’s infamous cultural region).  The best part?  Tickets are an incredibly cheap $25 each.  They could easily sell for twice that.  Do yourself a favor and call The Bitter End or go to their web site, and order tickets now….