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  • Acapodcast #5, 3-23-06

    Last week I put out a call for submissions, and you came back to me in force! I’ve heard from several listeners who submitted their tracks, and I’m going to put some of them on this week. Thanks go out to everyone who sent songs in. You rock! And to prove it, listen to these great songs! • No Better Cause – Immeasurable • Trasa – Vintern Rasat • PennYo – Ai Bia Jia Eh Ngia (Fight to Win) • LADS – Star Wars Memorabilia • The Exboyfriends – 25 or 6 to 4 • No Better Cause – Don’t Tell Me

  • The Acapodcast #4, 3-9-06

    This week on the Acapodcast: • The Coats – I Can See Clearly • 10fm – Something On Paper • Five O’Clock Shadow – What’s It All About • Spiralmouth – Hush • Cadence – Feelin’ Groovy • The Coats – Evenflow

  • Acapodcast #3

    See the website at at for full and complete shownotes, as well as additional information. On this episode: •Swingle Singers – Also Sprach Zarathustra •The Coats – The Ebb and the Flow •The Nylons – Let It Be •Moosebutter – Star Wars •The Bobs – Elwood Decker •Swingle Singers – James Bond Medley

  • Acapodcast #2

    See the website at for full show notes and more information. On this Episode: •The Bobs – Bee Bop I Love You •Cadence – Perfect Kiss •The House Jacks – Still By My Side •Sock – Roofrack •Five O’Clock Shadow – Hold Me For A While •U. of Oregon’s On The Rocks – Something Like That

  • The Acapodcast, January 26th, 2006

    See the website at for full show notes and more information. Artists featured on this, the first episode: •Spiralmouth – Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin •Swingle Singers – Three-Part Invention •Five O’Clock Shadow – Far Away •Cadence – Don’t Fix What’s Broken •Sean Altman – Julie Gone •Spiralmouth – Nothing is Written